Kuan-jen Chen

  • Kuan-jen Chen

    Kuan-jen Chen C.V.

    Kuan-jen is a Doctoral Candidate in the Faculty of History at the University of Cambridge and Dr Kushner’s Research Assistant for this ERC project. He also tutors reading Chinese archival documents at the Faculty of East Asian Studies. Kuan-jen is working on his PhD dissertation titled, “U.S. Maritime Policy in Cold War East Asia, 1945-1979,” under the supervision of Professor Andrew Preston. Kuan-jen’s work dissects the structure and development of the maritime order in East Asia against the backdrop of the Cold War following the dissolution of the Japanese Empire. He examines the relationship between the geopolitical value of the sea and decision-makers’ strategic deliberations in three broad contexts: the military dimension, legislation, and natural resource exploration. He has published in Chinese and has presented his work in Taiwan, the UK, and the US in Chinese and English.