Dr. Kanda Yutaka

  • Kanda Yutaka

    Kanda Yutaka is an associate professor in the Faculty of Law at Niigata University in Japan, and a visiting scholar in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge. At Niigata, he teaches international history and politics of modern Japan. He has a doctorate and MA in international relations, and BA in Japanese history from the University of Tokyo. He was a Fox International Fellow 2004-05 in the Center for International and Area Studies, Yale University, and a research associate in the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University. He has taught courses at the University of Tokyo, Tsukuba University, and the Open University of Japan.

    Yutaka’s research interests center on international history and the history of the Cold War in East Asia, particularly the history of postwar Japanese diplomacy. His first monograph, Reisen Kozo no Henyo to Nihon no Taichu Gaiko (Transformation of Cold War Structure and Japan’s China Policy) (Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 2012), analyzed Japanese diplomacy toward China during the critical time period of the Cold War from 1960 to 1972. He has also published numerous articles on Japanese Cold War politics and foreign relations, including the one on Nakasone administration’s diplomacy in the 1980s and a co-authored article in Cold War International History Project e-Dossier, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. He has presented at several international conferences in the University of Hong Kong, University of Leeds, and East China Normal University.

    Yutaka is currently working on a study of foreign policy and international network of Japan Socialist Party during the early postwar era. He is also joining in two project groups on the history of Sino-Soviet-Japanese relations and socio-economic history of the Asia-Pacific region.