Dr. Chihyun Chang

  • Chihyun Chang

    Chihyun Chang C.V.

    Dr Chihyun Chang (張志雲) joined the research team in 2013 and now teaches in the Department of History, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His research focuses on the adaptation of China’s institutions to the challenges and opportunities from the West, ranging from the treaty system in the mid-nineteenth century to the Second Rectification Campaign in the mid twentieth century. His works are based on deep analyses of primary materials from different countries and he applies new technologies such as GIS to the management of vast primary materials. The technologies of database and geographic inofrmation system are the major tools for Dr Chang to apply to his interdisciplinary historical studies. Currently, he and Dr. Barak Kushner, PI of the ERC project, are embarking on creating a new set of web based analytical tools and map to investigate the geography of violence and justice in postwar East Asia.