Don Q Kim

  • Don Q Kim’s PhD dissertation on ‘the political and ideological structure of Taishō Japan’s cultural rule in Korea’, is a synthesis of political, international, and intellectual histories of the Japanese imperial rule. Don Q’s dissertation is based on the hypothesis that imperial Japan’s new continental policy affected its colonial governance in Korea and this new governance can be explained better by Foucault’s notion of bio-power than by any other notion of power.Don Q’s dissertation aims at articulating the structure of the Japanese empire by focusing on the transition of colonial Korea’s place in the empire. He defines the post-1919 Korea as ‘periphery’ of the Japanese empire and attempts to paint a rich picture of how such a periphery was actually ruled by techniques of governance. The key words for his dissertation are gyōsei keisatsu (“administrative policing”), suyang (“self-cultivation”) and the Chōsen (“Korea”) Army.

    Curriculum Vitae