ERC Project Annual Research Seminar

Date: 16 June 2017

In this annual research seminar, the research team of the ERC Project “The Dissolution of the Japanese Empire” and guest researchers gathered to share their research findings and discuss future collaboration and projects.

Principal Investigator Dr. Barak Kushner opened the seminar by summarizing the project activities in the past year. His introduction was followed by a presentation by Mr. Hao Chen, a PhD researcher, who talked about the progress of his research on the rivalry for international recognition between the PRC and ROC. Dr. Andrew Levidis, research associate, then introduced his ongoing projects, including his book manuscript on the life and legacy of former prime minister Kishi Nobusuke, as well as his recent research article. The next presenter was Ms. Aiko Otsuka, a researcher on the project, who is close to completing her PhD dissertation on the topic of regimental histories in the Imperial Japanese Army. Following this, Dr. Sherzod Muminov provided an overview of his research activities in the past year, mentioning publications, invited talks, and conferences. Finally, the guest of the seminar, Mr. Ernest Leung, who is a researcher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, shared his investigations into the economic cooperation in East Asia in the 1920s. The presentations were followed by questions and debate.

Event Poster