The Reconstruction of East Asia, 1945-65

Date: 9-12 December 2016

Location: Cambridge University, UK

This international conference aimed to generate new dialogues on the history of the collapse of the Japanese empire. It did so by gathering in Cambridge a diverse group of scholars who work on a wide variety of historical and geographical perspectives, focusing on China, Japan, Korea (South and North), and Taiwan, and researching aspects of military demobilization, law and responsibility, the reorganization of authority and new political ideologies, transformations in postwar socieites, cultures, and many related topics.

The underlying theme of the discussions was the way in which the collapse of the Japanese empire affected the region, and how a host of different and often competing groups struggled to remap and revision East Asia in the aftermath of the end of empire.

Over three days, twenty-five scholars from Asia, Europe and North America divided into eight panels were joined by the Project team and Cambridge-based historians and graduate students to engage in fruitful discussions. These were alternated by informal conversations and exchanges aimed at fostering scholarly collaboration and networking. As a result of the conference, the best presentations will be selected for publication in two edited volumes, leading to valuable contributions to existing literature on the post-imperial reconstruction of East Asia.

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